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Get the business and brand recognition you deserve to succeed with our wide variety of printing products. Whether you have a design or not, our company can offer you several types of business cards, postcards, brochures, envelopes and more with quick turnarounds, great quality, finishing and a unique design included in all of them.


As the popular proverb says, “a good image is worth 1000 words”. Our 3D signs are the solution to meet your advertising needs and help grow your business recognition easily. With our cutting-edge machines, we can offer you brush, acrylic, PVC, metallic signs, light boxes, channel letters and any kind of indoor and outdoor signs at unbeatable prices guaranteed by our in-house production.


This modality of printing has become very popular nowadays. We will exceed your expectations on the final product when you see the high quality images and the exceptional design reflected on substrates like banners, vinyl, backlit, acrylic, mesh, fabric and some others. Original materials and inks used in this production will assure you a long lasting image.    


To create a good impression is key to succeed and gain recognition among other businesses. Our dedicated team of designers work hard to achieve a unique logo brand and design in every marketing piece our clients need. A good graphic design encompasses what a company makes. Specifically, the logo is the foundation of its brand. Demanding clients are our specialty.


A vehicle wrap is an affordable solutions to promote and expand a business and its’ services. All our wraps are custom made and handcrafted with passion to exceed the customers’ expectations. We try to keep a clear and simple message on the design, so that all drivers say “Wow” every time they turn their heads to it. We specialize not only on commercial but also on color-change and custom wraps.


These products play an important role in the presence of a company either for a small or a big one. Since they are “printed gifts” with the contact information and logo of your business, they will keep you in touch with customers. Also known as hot products. Items under this category are quite useful in all fields of business: mouse pads, pens, mugs, balloons, plastic bags, key chains and much more are just a few examples of them.



This step is the foundation of what is built at the end of the process. This is why we take the necessary time to communicate with the client and understand their needs. Sharing ideas helps both parts, customer and vendor, make all stages easier and get the highest quality and finishing on the final product.


During this phase, our designers will find and obtain the greatest amount of information so that they can convey the image of your companies brand. It focuses on selecting the most effective information and being objective on what is going to be designed.


Once the ideas and objectives are clearly set, the first proposal comes to life. This step is very important since it is in that moment when ideas come to life. It is also during this process when such preview can be modified and improved without losing the main content.


During this step, the artwork created is adjusted on the template and refined to get the most out of it, this process is sometimes referred to as “developed design”, this is where the artwork is about to be dispatched to the client for their feedback or approval.


Once the design has been constructed, then it is time to present the client with the outcome. For further stages of production, it is an early model of the product built to test the client’s ideas and the designer’s skills. The prototype is the closest preview to the end result in practice and functionality.


You Graphix was created back in 2009 with the main goal of offering its clients the best services related to design and marketing. Thanks to the continuous effort of its staff, today it has reached more than 3000 satisfied customers and great recommendations going up every day. This company’s mission is to help clients reach their targets and deliver success. We grow when you do!



How do you proceed with clients’ orders?

Once the price is approved, 50 % of the total is required to officially place the order and start designing. When the client approves the proposal, we move forward to the production or the printing process. When the job is finished and ready to pick up, the remaining balance is processed.

How long does it take for the client to see the design proposal?

Between 2 to 4 business days.

What is the minimum amount of business cards, postcards and brochures?

The minimum run size for all printing products: business cards, envelopes, letterheads, flyers and brochures is 1000.

Do you only make commercial wraps?

No, we also make color change or custom wraps designs.

Do clients need to bring the artwork ready?

With the price we include the design, print and installation at no extra charge.

What material do you use for wraps and what warranty do you offer?

We are 3M certified, which means we mostly use 3M wrapping film in our car wraps. This material has excellent and long-lasting quality hence why we offer our clients up to 5 years of warranty.

How long do you take for wrapping a vehicle?

1-2 business days depending on the size of the vehicle.

How long has the business been operating?

Since 2009